Lamb Stir-Fry with Pomegranate and Yogurt

Lamb Stir-Fry with Pomegranate and Yogurt

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Coffee with Cardamom and Cinnamon

Flavored coffee reminds me of late night stops at 7 Eleven in college to buy Gatorade and Wows. The sickly sweet smell of hazelnut flavor still makes my stomach turn. Gross.

Do it yourself flavored coffee is a different story. Mix in some fresh spices with the coffee grinds and your standard morning cup of Joe takes on a little kick.  I prefer the cardamom and cinnamon combination – mostly because I love cardamom but can’t figure out enough ways to eat it. If you take your coffee with milk, a small splash of vanilla in the heated milk is delicious too.

Ideally you’ll enjoy this cup of coffee after 7 a.m. Hear that Xavier?

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